Chris + Nicole | Proposal

I really do have the best job ever, you guys. I get to celebrate love and life with people, and witness magical moments. And guess what? It doesn't get old. 

Chris reached out to me, telling me that he planned to propose to his (then) girlfriend, and was hoping I was available to capture it. Guys: take note, he remembered to hire a photographer! He knew exactly what he had in mind, and after a few days of planning (including some Google satellite views and marked up screenshots of where this was going to happen, ha!), I showed up at Hug Point awaiting their arrival, where I was greeted by this sweet, wild bunny:

I sent a mini video of it to Chris via text, with a little note about this bunny bringing him some extra luck. Little did I know, this bunny was extra special, as they had one just like him!

They made their way down the beach, stopping frequently for selfies at this beautiful, special place, while I inconspicuously followed...

...until they came to 'the spot.' And then came the magic. It was perfect, and sweet, and there was so much love and pure joy. 

I got closer at this point, and as I snapped away, she sweetly looked over and smiled, flashing me her hand - still at this point thinking that I was some stranger on the beach, and that they just had the best luck ever that someone had their camera there! Haha! 

Then we spent some time just hanging out, celebrating their love and this next step in their journey together.

Chris + Nicole, you radiate warmth and love, and I couldn't feel more honored to have gotten to capture this moment for you <3 

Maylena | Senior

There are not enough words for how much I adore this girl and her ohana. I can't believe she's a Senior this year! I am so proud of the woman that she is blossoming into, and could not be more honored to have gotten to capture this milestone in her life. I love that she incorporated the things that are most important to her: her culture and her family. 

She truly is a light, and I can't wait to see where she takes it after she graduates this year!

The Mai Family | Maternity

There is little I love more than capturing beautiful, growing families - but there's something extra special about doing it for people who I've watched grow from the very beginning. Chris + Erica are expecting their second baby boy, Oliver, and I couldn't be more thrilled to capture this time for them. 


Some of you may recognize the dad-of-two-to-be as the amazing videographer behind Goodco Studios. Chris asked me if he could bring his camera along to their session to test a new camera profile. Little did I know the magic that would come of it! He sent me this behind-the-scenes look at their session, and I am IN LOVE. Not only is it super sweet to see his view of his growing family, but it's a little glimpse of what it's like to work with me :) 

Check it out: